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Investigations criminelles sur disque dur - mh-Service. GmbH

lundi 27 avril 2009

- the mh Service was founded in 1993 in Karlsruhe from CEO Martin Hermann as an individual Enterprise.

Starting with the Distribution of Portable-PC in Europe (Usage of the PORTABLE PC in the field of Measurement and Control Technologies, EDV-Forensics, Automation and Research) and Serviceprovider in the Networkfield.

- 1996 the mh Service received the first frame contract from the Zollkriminalamt Köln (Customs Criminological Office) for computerforensic Hardware

- 1999 the mh Service expanded to a GmbH with 9 Employees and those got engaged to the Company.

- 2001 starting in new business fields

As a Systempartner of a number of Hard- und Softwaremanufacturers, the mh SERVICE can provide the whole line of products of all Storage-, High End and Networkproducts. The line goes from Workstations and Servers to The failproofed Unix-Highperformance-Cluster for critical Usage.

- 2002 Our own developing departmentfor Hard- & Software.

- 2005 Tableau Distribution for Germany, Partnership for Forensic Hardware

- 2006 Frame contract with federations and Countries for the deliverance of the TreCorder and other special Forensic Computer Accessories

- 2007 17 Employees, 2 Apprentices

- 2008 AccessData Platinum Reseller

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