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3rd Meeting of the Economic Intelligence African Associations Forum

mardi 29 novembre 2022


3rd Meeting of the Economic Intelligence African Associations Forum
“Africa of innovations : National Experiences and Pan-African Partnerships”
Dakhla 5, 6 & 7 December 2022


Sunday 4 December 2022

Arrival of participants

Monday 5 December 2022

9h Participants Registration
9h-13h Opening Ceremony

Official opening of the Forum


- Mr. Yanja El Khattat, President of the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region
- M. Erragheb Hormatallah, President of the Council of the City of Dakhla
- M. Mohamed Salem Hammia, President of the Provincial Council of Dakhla-Oued Eddahab


- Mr. Ryad Mezzour, Minister of Industry and Trade
- Mr. Lamine Benomar, Wali of Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region
- Mr. Mohamed Methqal, Ambassador, General Director of AMCI
- Pr. Driss Guerraoui, President of the Open University of Dakhla

Convention signing ceremony

- Burkina Faso : The Economic Intelligence Professionals Network of Burkina Faso
- Cameroun : Women Association For Technological Innovation
- Mali : Malian Association for the Promotion of Economic Intelligence
- USA : Strategic Competitive Intelligence for Professionals (SCIP)
- France : Economic Intelligence Academy

Award ceremony for the Economic Intelligence Research Award in Africa
13H00 : Lunch hosted in honour of participants

Chairman : Mr. Azouz Begag, Economist, Writer and Former Minister, France
Speakers :
- Mr. Paul Biyoghe Mba, Former Prime Minister, Gabon
- Mrs. Constance Nalishebo Muleabai, Mayor of Livingstone, Zambia

16h30-17h00 Discussions

17h00-17h30 Coffee break


SESSION 1 - National innovation strategies in Africa

PANEL 1 : Convention signing ceremony and award ceremony
Moderator : Mr. Mohamed Ourdedine, Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce – ICC-Morocco, Morocco

- Artificial Intelligence Challenges in Africa
Mr. Kais Maejri, Vice-Chairman of FAAIE, CEO of the industrial land agency - Ministry of Industry Tunisia

- Digital transformation and national strategy
Mrs. Shitaye Lemma, Vice-Chairwoman of FAAIE, expert in international trade development. Former United Nations official, Ethiopia

- Innovation in Nigeria
Mr. Abbas Usman, Director, Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture –NACCIMA, Nigeria

- The African strategy of influence between partnerships and continental innovations
Mr. Kader Abderrahim, Lecturer at the Institute of Political Studies (IEP) in Paris and Director of Research at the Institute for Prospective and Security in Europe (IPSE), Algeria

PANEL 2 : Entrepreneurship, competitiveness and resilience
Moderator : Mr. Boubacar Traore, former Secretary General of the Ministry of Commerce, Burkina Faso

- Entrepreneurship and venture capital : Essential levers for economic development in Africa
Mr. Yassine LGHZIOUI, Director of Entrepreneurship & Venturing, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Morocco

- Managing and planning African cities, what place for technological innovation and what impact on economic development
Mrs. Caroline Seck Kendem, Chairwoman of the Women Association For Technological Innovation Cameroon

- Industrial, Trade and Investment Policy alignment to promoting sustainable, inclusive and balanced economic development and growth
Mr. Dev Chamroo, Investment & Trade Consultant at CITC, Mauritius

- The aftermath of Covid-19 on African economies and their competitiveness
Prof. Nisha Sewdess, Professor, College of Economics and Management Sciences, South Africa

- The experience of public policy on promote innovation in Mozambique
Mr. Emilio Jovendo ZECA, Researcher, Center For Strategic and International Studies – CEEI-ISRI Mozambique

- What strategy for innovation in the private sector in Chad ?
Mr. Mahamat Mahamat Ali, Vice-Chairman of the FAAIE, Chairman of the Circle for Prospective and Economic Intelligence in Chad (CEPIE-TCHAD), Chad

21h00 : Dinner hosted in honour of participants

Tuesday 6 December


PLENARY SESSION 2 – Innovation and Economic Development


PANEL 3 : Impact of innovation on economic development
Moderator : Moderator : Dr. Mounir Rochdi, Chairman of ThinkTankers, international Expert in Market and Competitive Intelligence, SG of the FAAIE.

- Digital transformation and economic development : Mauritania case
Mr. El Moustapha Sidi Mohamed, Vice-Chairman of the FAAIE, Chairman of the Mauritanian Association of Economic Intelligence, Mauritania

- Between frugality and agility, innovation as a driver for Competitive Intelligence in Africa
Dr. Siham Harroussi, Vice-Chairwoman of the FAAIE, Director of Foresight, External Relations and Governance, France

- How private sector engagement can benefit from business opportunities in innovation and economic development
Mr. Aminou Akadiri, Executive Director of the Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce and Industry FEWACCI/CEDEAO, Nigeria
Mme. Iwuchukwu Uchenna Ndidiamaka, Program Officer, FEWACCI/CEDEAO, Nigeria

- The contribution of Artificial Intelligence to decision making in the improvement of the performance of industrial maintenance : Case of Algerian companies GE & IFRI Group
Mr. Sofiane Saadi, expert to the Laboratory of Management and Organization of Enterprises, LOGE Algeria

- Examples of innovations and impacts on development : Cases of Health, Education and Agriculture in Ivory Coast
Mrs. Diack Dior Latifa, digital expert, Ivory Coast

PANEL 4 : Innovation : between challenges and opportunities
Moderator : Dr. Mounir Rochdi, Chairman of ThinkTankers, international Expert in Market and Competitive Intelligence, SG of the FAAIE

- Addressing Challenges in Global Economic Intelligence Ecosystems
Mr. Paul Santilli, Strategic Competitive Intelligence for Professionals (SCIP), Organization CEO and Board Chairman USA Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Head of Industry Intelligence & Strategy - Worldwide OEM Division, USA

- Understanding disruptions : innovation and risk intelligence
Mr. Philippe Clerc, Chairman of the Economic Intelligence Academy, Chairman of the International Francophone Association for Competitive Intelligence, Senior Chief Economist at CCI France, Vice-Chairman of GFII, France

- What innovative strategies to build the strategic autonomy of Sahelian countries in the current context of upheaval in the world Order ?
Mr. Boulamine Mostapha, Economist, IES expert, Chairman of the Nigerien Association of Economic Intelligence - ANIE, Vice-Chairman of FAAIE, Niger

- Innovation gaps and opportunities in Chad
Mr. Adoum Youssouf, Vice-Chairman of the FAAIE, Chairman of the Chadian Association of Economic Intelligence, Chad

PLENARY SESSION 3 - What approaches for sustainable and inclusive innovation in Africa

PANEL 5 : Training approach

Moderator : Mr. Aziz Sair, Director of ENCG (National School for Business and Management), Dakhla Morocco

- Producing knowledge and action in the African context
Prof. Soufyane Frimousse, Professor and researcher in management sciences, University of Corsica, University of Montpellier 3, France

- The contribution of artificial intelligence to innovation
Prof. Imad Saleh, University Professor of Information and Communication Sciences, Paris 8 university France.
M. Youssef Mekouar, Research Associate, LIMAS – USMBA, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University of Fes, Morocco.

- How does Economic Intelligence management in large Moroccan companies contribute to creating open organizational innovations
Mrs. Mouna El Haddani, Professeur-researcher, GRANEM-University of Angers, France

- Influence for innovation and territorial development : Feedback of the Observatory of Entrepreneurship
Mr. Omar Ezziyati, Director of Strategic Intelligence, Innovation and Influence, Bank of Africa Morocco


11h30-13h00 (Plenary session 3 cont.)

PANEL 6 : Start-up approach

Moderator : Prof. Mohamed Benabid, Professor, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University - Faculty of Governance, Economic and Social Sciences, Morocco

- The International Chamber of Commerce’s Entrepreneurship Center : a driver for employment and inclusion
Mr. Mohamed Ourdedine, Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce - ICC-Morocco Morocco

- CDG, Morocco.

- UEMOA Startup springboard
Mrs. Evelyne Denise Ndiaye Khady, Director of the private sector, UEMOA, Senegal

- Feedback on the practice of innovation in SMEs, useful for startups
Mr. Mostapha Taouji, expert in entrepreneurship and startups, France

- The contribution of start-ups to the improvement of cotton production in the UEMOA region
Mr. Mora Dandagui Sero, Communication expert, Administrator of, Benin

- Sustainable start-ups to assist SMES to tap into the export market
Mr. Admire Jongwe, Regional Development Officer : Eastern Region, ZimTrade, Zimbabwe

PANEL 7 : Social and environmental approach
Moderator : Mr. Mohamed Smani, Director, R&D Morocco, Morocco

- West Africa facing global crises : what innovative resilience strategies ?
Mr. Amath Soumare, Vice-Chairman of the FAAIE, President African Center for the New Economy - Cane Executive Education, Senegal

- Denis Sassou-N’guesso University : a Pan-African University to meet the challenges of development
Mr. Michel Didace Mvoula Tsieri, Vice-Chairman of the FAAIE, Chairman of CAVS, Congo Republic

- Technology & International Trade with a focus on intra-Africa trade
Mrs. Sara Mwandawiro, Consultant, Export Trade Trainer & Coach, Kenya

- Harnessing Technology and Innovation in Africa : A Case Study of a vertically Integrated Farmer Organization in Uganda
Mr. James Rogers Kizito-Mayanja, Market Intelligence & Information Manager, UCDA, Uganda

- From Competitive Intelligence to Risk Management in Ivory Coast
Mrs. Sarata Christelle Kone, Head of Risk Management Department, PETROCI, Ivory Coast

13h00 : Lunch hosted in honour of participants

PLENARY SESSION 4 - Wrap-up and conclusion of the forum

• Mr. Paul Biyoghe Mba, Former Prime Minister, Gabon
• Mr. Driss Guerraoui, Chairman of the FAAIE, Morocco

Wednesday 7 December

13h00 : Lunch hosted in honour of participants

Afternoon off
21h00 : Dinner hosted in honour of participants

Thursday 8 & Friday 9 December (participation in the activities of the International Campus of Excellence)

Saturday 10 December

- Visit of the media library of Dakhla and tourist sites
- Visit of economic, technological and social development projects
13h-17h : Lunch at the White Dune in honour of the participants
17h-21h : Free
21h00 : Dinner hosted in honour of participants and closing gala

Sunday 11 December

Departure to Casablanca